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Sea of Thieves’ server errors are messing up players’ record-setting looting

Curse you, AllmondBeard

Sea of Thieves loot on ship
Say goodbye to all that loot.
Imgur via Reddit

Rare said it’s committed to working on Sea of Thievescopious server errors, but there’s a particularly devastating one that remains unresolved: AllmondBeard, an error code that’s robbing players not only of their progress, but also of their record amounts of loot.

AllmondBeard — one of several “pesky ThingBeard errors” listed on Sea of Thieves’ support site — occurs when players’ “connection to Xbox Live and/or the Sea of Thieves services has been disrupted or lost.” Considering the difficulty Rare’s had in stabilizing the online multiplayer game’s network connectivity since launch, the error message is common among players.

It’s one thing to be kicked out of the game while you and your fellow pirates are really getting into your adventure on the high seas. But it’s another thing entirely when your party had spent hours collecting as much loot as possible, leaving it all on the ship before dropping it off. This seems like an unsafe thing to do, and it technically is, as Reddit users are finding out. But the risky collect-a-thon is becoming popular with players chasing community records in chest-keeping.

A top thread on the Sea of Thieves subreddit proves just how heartbreaking this feat can be, however. User Daphonic and their crew posted an image of their ship, which was loaded with “130 chests, 15 relics, 30 skulls, 8 teas, 5 spices, 5 silks, 2 sugars, 3 stronghold chests/skulls,” according to them. Getting all of that loot and dumping it onto their ship took a total of nine hours. According to Daphonic, their collection of 130 chests on the ship at one time likely was the new world record number of chests collected in one play session.

Sea of Thieves loot on ship
That’s 130 chests and then some on the deck.
Imgur via Reddit

In seconds, that was all gone. The AllmondBeard error code crashed the game, sinking everything Daphonics had on board in the process. Sure, they have photographic proof of their record — but what a way to go out.

Here’s hoping that Rare rights the server ship sooner than later. Check out our review for more on the rest of the Windows PC and Xbox One game.

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