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Fortnite’s new guided missile launcher looks fun

Remote rocket kills coming very, very soon

Fortnite Battle Royale players are about to get a new weapon that looks like it could lead to a lot of fun moments (and some controller-throwing deaths): the guided missile launcher.

Epic teased the new weapon today, which is listed in the game as “coming soon.” The rocket launcher will obviously give players a huge advantage in taking out enemies from afar, but they’ll likely be pretty vulnerable while hunting down their target. The new missile launcher joins the recently added remote bomb as a tool that Fortnite players who prefer to kill from afar will appreciate.

Based on today’s video teaser, players who are expert at piloting a missile will be able to pull of some impressive kills.

Expect Fortnite’s new guided missile launcher to hit the game alongside the version 3.4 update, which is expected to go live in the early hours of Thursday, March 29, at 4 a.m. ET. Developer Epic Games said in a tweet that there will be “extended downtime for this update.”

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