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Zandalari Troll Druids are getting their own forms in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth (update)

Turtles and raptor-birds replace bear and chicken

Blizzard Entertainment

The Zandalari Trolls, one of the new Allied Races being added in World of Warcraft’s next expansion, are getting a unique upgrade. Thanks to some datamining from WoWhead, we can now see that the Zandalari are getting their own, uniquely themed Druid forms.

The Balance Zandalari will use this cool raptor bird instead of a Moonkin form.

Blizzard Entertainment

The Guardian Zandalari will use a snapping turtle model instead of a bear.

Blizzard Entertainment

When in Travel form, Zandalari Trolls will be cool pterodactyls or quick raptors.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment

For those unfamiliar with the Druid class in WoW, Druids shape-shift into different animal forms to play their roles. Their melee form, Feral, sees the Druid become a ferocious cat. The Druid’s caster form, Balance, turns them into a Moonkin, a kind of strange human-chicken-hybrid monster. Their tank form transforms them into a bear and their healer form turns them into a tree (only sometimes, but still).

In WoW’s sixth expansion, Legion, Druids were spoiled with brand new forms being applied by their artifacts. Since those are going away in Battle for Azeroth, these new Druid forms could spell race-specific forms for all the current Druid races in the game.

This post will be updated as more Zandalari forms are added.

Update: The PTR was recently updated with the new cat form for Zandalari Trolls. Instead of transforming into savage cats, the Zandalari Trolls will take on the form of giant lizards.

Blizzard Entertainment

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