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The Boss Baby will never be an Oscar-winning movie

I still love you, baby

The Boss Baby in a high chair Dreamworks Animation

[Editor’s note: We’re running this to finally end Julia’s dedicated reign of terror in covering this movie.]

The Boss Baby could have been an Oscar-winning movie. But just months after Polygon declared it the best movie to watch on an airplane, but it’ll never get that chance now.

The Boss Baby was beaten out for Best Animated Feature by Pixar’s Coco, the movie most people expected to win. Other films in the category included The Breadwinner, Ferdinand and Loving Vincent, all of which put up an excellent fight, but couldn’t compete with Coco.

Last year, we called The Boss Baby a film that “isn’t just funnier while flying, it’s also one of the more enjoyable movie watching experiences you can have,” but other, objectively better critics have called it completely nuts.”

The Boss Baby has everything, okay? Maybe it’s not worthy of an Oscar (it’s not), but there’s no doubt that the movie has mystery, intrigue and infants trying to ensure they stay cute so that they can take over the world. Also, Alec Baldwin.

The Boss Baby’s loss probably won’t affect others the same way that it does me, and I understand that. On the bright side, this is just a casual reminder that the Oscars sometimes go to the right people — even if that also means that sometimes, gems like The Boss Baby don’t earn the rightful praise they deserve.

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