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Fortnite players are having a blast creating epic hoverboard racetracks

Get it? Epic?

A Fortnite player rides the hoverboard Epic Games via Nicks

Epic Games added hoverboards to Fortnite’s Save the World mode on Feb. 22, and the community immediately got to work creating racetracks using the game’s building options. What they’ve been able to accomplish in under two weeks is hard to believe.

These racetracks are pretty spectacular, and further hint at the game’s potential to be used as a creative sandbox for other types of games. The videos shown in this post only scratch the surface of what has been released online.

Here’s David Dean’s Racetrack of Death, complete with jump pads that bring you up to full speed and rails that are just begging for a grind. It’s an absolutely huge track, and looks like it’s great fun to play.

Here’s a course from Bounty tm that’s mostly enclosed, but features some really nice set pieces.

This one has some terrific twists and turns, and again does a great job of showing what’s possible with the game’s building features and the hoverboard. It’s fun to see how quickly players are learning to create well-designed tracks that look like something out of Mario Kart.

The Fortnite community is doing great things with the hoverboard while learning how to create fun and intuitive racetracks. This YouTuber created not just a monster track, but spent some time on editing and presentation to make the races fun to watch.

It would be neat to see some official support for hoverboard racing in the game, even if it just meant an easy way to set start and ending positions while keeping track of the winners in each race. And Epic Games seems enthusiastic about that sort of opportunity.

“The types of things that we’re going to be doing are putting together events, additional game modes, and continuing to evolve,” Epic Games’ Zak Phelps told Polygon last year. “It’s a live game. It’s a platform, and we’re going to continue to build it so now with additional players they’re going to continue to help us do that.” Finding new possibilities of what can be done with the building tools and the game has been the point of the game all along.

Not everyone is as excited about this development, however. “Fortnite is slowly going from what was promised to being a great PvE experience to a battle royale game mode no one asked for and now to a Tony Hawk: Kid Skaters?” one player wrote on the official forums. “Allllllrightyyyy thenn.”

You can’t please everyone, it seems.

Additional reporting by Charlie Hall.

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