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It’s official: Mario is a plumber again

He’s traveled the world, but now he’s heading back into your pipes

Super Mario Odyssey - Mario in 2D side-scrolling section on stone wall Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Nintendo shocked the world last fall when it seemed to declare that Mario, who first made a name for himself in the plumbing business, had abandoned his trade. But the company has now updated Mario’s profile on its Japanese website to indicate that he hasn’t forgotten his roots.

Redditors first spotted that Nintendo had again adjusted its official profile for Mario this week. Google Translate roughly suggests that Nintendo now mentions that Mario’s “occupation is plumber” — suggesting a return to the status quo.

It makes sense that this update comes not long after the release of Super Mario Odyssey. Mario’s most recent outing on Nintendo Switch found him touring the world in hot pursuit of Bowser. Bowser pokes fun at Mario throughout the chase, and at one point straight-up refers to him as “plumber boy.” Considering that many of us were playing under the assumption that Mario had ditched his previous pipe-fixing life, the nickname seemed like a clear insult.

But perhaps Bowser was actually just callin’ it like he saw it. We may not have seen Mario fixing many pipes in Odyssey, but a variety of throwbacks to the franchise’s older games reminded us — and him — where Mario came from.

There you have it: Mario is back to being a plumber once more, and so we, too, may feel free to once again embrace the past lives we have left behind.

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