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Luke Cage season two premieres in June

You can’t burn him, you can’t blast him and you definitely can’t break him

Netflix announced that Luke Cage, one of its collaborations with Marvel Television, will return for its second season on the streaming service June 22.

A short teaser promises more intensity from the indestructible superhero, whom we last saw back in August as a member of The Defenders cast.

Although we don’t have much to go off based on the 30-second clip, we can expect the return of at least some familiar faces; Claire Temple and nemesis Willis Stryker, a.k.a. Diamondback, are expected to appear, among others.

Season two arrives more than 18 months after Luke Cage’s debut season, which hit Netflix in September 2016. We first met Luke — the first black superhero to star in his own comic book series, by the way — in Jessica Jones’ first season as Jones’ romantic partner. (Jessica Jonessecond season arrives later this week on Netflix, making this announcement well-timed.) That was way back in November 2015; it’s weird to think we’ve been following the character’s story for that long, but here we are.

Check out the first official images from season two below.

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