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Ladies and gentlemen, the PUBG-est PUBG win ever

A chicken dinner with style

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds - a player fires into the bed of a truck from an elevated position PUBG Corp.

Yes, the battle royale genre is absolutely a thing now. The year of our lords 2018 is, in fact, turning into the year of the survival shooter, as more and more games add “BR” into the list of bullet points on the back of the box. But let us always remember our roots. And I don’t mean DayZ.

I present today the PUBG-est PUBG clip ever made. It even has a chicken dinner.

Everyone picks up grenades in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. They’re as common as cracker samples at Costco. Some people even take the time to make sure the explosive, fragmentation-style ones are in the active slot when they have a couple of different varieties on hand. But few ever actually put them to good use.

In this clip, streamer Drift0r, accompanied by none other than Stonemountain64, lands not one but two kills with the fragmentation grenade. The foursome then finishes the match off with a rush on an adversary in the final circle.

In the end, it’s Drift0r with the frying pan in the hayfield.

A fitting end to a fantastic match, one that earned a proper notice by the official Battlegrounds Twitter account.

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