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Monster Hunter: World’s Wiggler hats are horrifying, but players love ’em

You’re running out of time to get your own

a wiggler helmet in monster hunter: world Capcom via YouTube

Monster Hunter: World’s current limited-time event has an appropriate name, even if it’s also a painful pun: “Wiggle Me This,” a wiggler-centric quest that runs through March 9. The goal is to collect 10 of the spineless creatures, so that you can get the material to craft the Wiggler Head Alpha armor. But despite this bendy, oversized helmet’s extreme creepiness factor, hunters are obsessed with it — which is leading to some amusing (or terrifying) sights.

“Wiggle Me This” kicked off on March 2, and players have been quickly completing the quest so they can make that creature-inspired helmet. It’s a tall, jiggly thing that completely covers characters from the neck up, and a bug-eyed wiggler head sticks out at the very top. Basically, the Wiggler Head Alpha makes everyone who wears it look like they’ve mutated into half-human, half-creature.

It’s totally creepy, especially in motion. Streamers are capitalizing on the weirdness of the wiggling hunter look, especially its bouncy physics. The video below, for example, finds a whole squad wearing the wiggler hats, each one blowing gently with the wind. “Operation Wiggler” eventually turns into a giant dance party, with help from the game’s dancing emote.

Streamers are really, really into wiggler dance parties. It’s like watching an actual monster mash, with fleshy mutants busting it out on the dance floor.

Cutscenes certainly take a turn when your character is dressed up like a life-size wiggler. But those heads just never stop moving! It’s awful!

Now this is the only Wiggler Head Alpha content I can get behind. Jason Derulo’s song “Wiggle” distracts from how unnerving that huge head is in this short music video, “Wiggle Wiggle Wiggler.” Maybe if that song played every time you put on that helmet, I could abide. But it does not, and so I cannot.

Whatever your feelings are about the Wiggler Head Alpha, we can all agree that it’s at least bringing Monster Hunter: World players together and making them happy. That’s what really matters, after all.

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