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Fortnite patch 3.2 is here with a new mode, better hoverboard racing

It’s 20v20v20v20v20 time

Fortnite: Battle Royale storm art Epic Games
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Early Thursday morning, Epic released the latest update for Fortnite in the form of patch 3.2, which provides a few major additions to Save the World, and some welcome quality of life improvements for Battle Royale.

Announced a day before the patch went live, Battle Royale’s biggest addition is a limited time only mode that will pit five teams of 20 against each other. Alongside this new mode will be a brand new skin, called Burnout, that will round out this patch’s additions to Fortnite’s most popular mode.

Fornite’s new Burnout skin
Epic Games

Included with these additions are a few fixes to some Battle Royale issues that players have been asking about for a while. In particular, Epic addressed a number of known bugs that would cause players’ games to crash completely when doing things such as opening the settings menu or unplugging headphones. The patch also improves the way kills are tracked, giving players credit if their target falls to the ground after having their structures destroyed, as well as a fix for the game’s Hunting Rifle which was far less accurate than it was supposed to be.

On the Save the World side of Fortnite, Epic’s changes are a little bit more exciting as a brand new tile was added for the Hoverboard. The new Hoverboard boost pad will shove players forward at incredibly high speeds, allowing for faster and more intricate courses for the fan favorite item. Also added to the game is the new hero, Wukong, who will be a mythic version of the game’s Lunar New Year Berserker soldier.

Save the World’s newest hero, Wukong
Epic Games

Save the World is also getting a few tweaks to weapon damage, as well as an overhaul of the way that Group Missions work that should give players slightly better rewards for completing them. Just like Battle Royale, Save the World is also receiving some bug fixes, but these mostly relate to sounds playing at the wrong time or cosmetics not displaying properly.

For a full look at Fortnite’s patch 3.2, you can look at Epic’s official notes on their website.