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Cult classic Out of this World coming to Nintendo Switch

That’s an unexpected port!

Out of This World — otherwise known as Another World or Outer World outside of North America — was one of the earliest games to use 3D graphics in a way that effectively mimicked the editing and camera movements of film. It was a game that felt like it came from the future when it was first released in 1991, and now it’s coming to Nintendo Switch.

“Featuring a compelling story and captivating adventure, players will be able to switch back and forth in real time between the original and HD graphics and choose from three difficulty modes,” the announcement states. You can watch the teaser at the top of this post.

Out of This World tells a very basic story about a physicist who was sent to another dimension when a lightning bolt hit his lab, but the way the game introduces characters and locations with cutscenes that are integrated directly into the 2D action allowed it to feel cinematic without losing its fun as a game. That’s a hard line for games to walk, even today, and it felt like a revelation at the time.

The 20th Anniversary version of the game has been available via Steam since 2013. The Switch version will be released “late next month.”

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