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EA adds Warner’s Batman games to Origin Access

Subscription service expands

Batman: Arkham Origins
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Electronic Arts’ subscription gaming and discount service Origin Access for PC will soon include Warner Bros. Interactive games. Warner’s Batman games, including Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Origins will be added to The Vault, which allows players to access older games for a monthly fee. Three Lego Batman games are also being added.

EA says it will soon be adding The Witness, Out of the Park Baseball 19, Lost Castle, Bulletstorm Lite (the 2011 game, without its multiplayer) and Wasteland 2 to Origin Access.

Origin Access costs $29.99 a year, or $4.99 a month, with 10 percent discounts on Origin purchases.

EA launched Origin Access in 2016 as a PC game equivalent of the EA Access program for Xbox. Origin Access includes Electronic Arts’ own games, as well as those from independent developers and, as of today, third-party publishers. Origin Access offers more than 80 PC titles as part of the subscription service.

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