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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes gets its first gameplay preview

Seven different game titles in one

travis strikes again screenshot Grasshopper Manufacture/Nintendo

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes — the return of the fan-favorite Grasshopper Manufacture franchise — will encompass a total of seven-different game genres, Nintendo revealed during its latest Direct presentation.

New footage showed several highly unique takes and visual styles, combined with the standard No More Heroes gameplay; these are considered to be the result of strange “bugs” in the game’s universe. What we saw from the teaser looked pretty rad, with Travis going from top-down action games to Metal Gear-style codec cutscenes.

This is our first taste of gameplay from Travis Strikes Again, which Nintendo revealed during a Nintendo Direct presentation in mid-2017. The Nintendo Switch exclusive is due out later this year, with more information to come along the way. This marks the first game that director Suda51 is helming since the last No More Heroes title, the Wii sequel.

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