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Watch Nintendo fans lose their minds as Smash Bros. is announced for Switch

We can’t stop smiling

Alex CND

Watching a Nintendo Direct presentation is like going to see your favorite band in concert. You have a basic idea of what this is going to sound like, but you’re still hoping to hear your favorite song. And many Nintendo fans got to hear their favorite song last night.

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct had a lot of news, but very little of it was truly surprising or worthy of an extended reaction. Nintendo spent a lot of time filling out the library of the Switch and talking about 3DS games that will probably do well without lighting the world on fire; it’s not like Captain Toad has wide appeal outside of Nintendo diehards. Things were slowing down a bit, which was a relief for those of us covering the rapid-fire announcements and reveals.

But there was one last announcement at the end, and it was everything we had been hoping for.

It was Smash. And the crowd went wild.

That was the scene from the Nintendo World Store in New York City during the live announcement, and the sense of joy and excitement from the crowd feels like a ray of sunlight in world that often feels dark right now.

Here’s another angle of the same moment:

These videos created moments that look like art. Hum some tense music as you watch the first few moments of this gif, it’s a great effect:

The Super Smash Bros. announcement for the Nintendo Switch was the highlight of the evening, judging by videos like these and the reactions we saw from readers on our own site. It looks like Nintendo is playing the song everyone wanted to hear.

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