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Undertale coming to Switch brings indie games’ GameMaker Studio engine with it

Developer announces deal with Nintendo

Toby Fox

Yesterday’s news of Undertale coming to Nintendo Switch was notable for more than just the fan-favorite game being ported to the platform. It also kicks off a deal between Nintendo and the makers of GameMaker Studio 2, the engine behind Undertale.

YoYo Games, the engine’s designer, said it had reached a partnership with Nintendo that, beginning this summer, will allow developers to export their work directly to the Switch architecture.

“Nintendo has been hugely supportive of bringing independent releases to the Nintendo Switch console, and this partnership will mean even more wonderful games are released on the platform,” James Cox, the general manager of YoYo Games, said in a statement.

“I’m excited to use GameMaker Studio 2 to put Undertale on Nintendo Switch,” Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale, said in a statement. “I’m a big fan of Nintendo. I hope Mario plays my game.”

GameMaker Studio 2 has a development lineage stretching back to 1999. It bills itself as the premier development engine for 2D games. Big-name games that use it include Hyper Light Drifter by Heart Machine and Spelunky by Mossmouth.

Undertale, which debuted on Windows PC in 2015, was tabbed for a Switch launch sometime soon. No launch date was given, but it was among a star-studded field of announcements during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct presentation.

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