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Radical Heights is tinkering with today’s launch to avoid appearing pay-to-win

An in-game cash bonus is being replaced with access to cosmetic items instead

Boss Key Productions
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LawBreakers developer Boss Key Productions announced its free-to-play title Radical Heights just yesterday and it’s already making adjustments to avoid appearing pay-to-win.

In a tweet issued Monday, Boss Key announced changes to the game’s Founder’s Pack, a $14.99 add-on filled mostly with cosmetic items. Fans took issue with a 10 percent cash bonus that would have given owners of the Founder’s Pack the ability to earn more in-game currency compared to other players.

“Early Access at work!” Boss Key said on the game’s official Twitter feed. “We’re listening to your feedback & we don’t want anything that resembles pay-to-win in the game.”

Radical Heights is a battle royale-style game where players carry over their in-game earnings between matches. Players can then spend that cash to purchase weapons faster than they would otherwise be able to earn them. A boost to the rate at which players could earn money would, fans argued, give those who purchased the Founder’s Pack an unfair advantage. So Boss Key took it out.

In place of the 10 percent cash bonus, Boss Key said that the Founder’s Pack would include more gems, which can only be used to purchase cosmetic items. The Founder’s Pack itself is not available for pre-order at this time. The game is set to go live on Steam Early Access at 12 p.m. ET today.

The announcement and subsequent release of Radical Heights comes only days after Boss Key announced it would be moving on from LawBreakers, the ambitious hero shooter. It said that game failed to find an audience at launch.

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