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Destiny 2’s enemies are getting more difficult in Warmind

Time to increase that power, Guardian

two Vex robots in Destiny 2 Bungie/Activision

In a weekly update from Bungie, Destiny 2 combatants design lead Tomonori Kinoshita dropped some interesting news about changes to the game’s difficulty. Starting in season three, which launches May 8 alongside the Warmind expansion, enemies will be getting a boost in potential power.

Players who are under-leveled will now have a much harder time when facing down enemies who are higher power level than they are. If the threshold is too wide, over 50 power, then they will become immune to all damage. Destiny players should be familiar with this system.

The team is also changing how shield/energy element matching works. All energy weapons will still do at least 200 percent damage to shields. However, matching the energy element — solar, arc or void — of that shield will now deal 300 percent damage in addition to the damaging explosion a matched shield makes. The 300 percent damage will even linger when facing high-level enemies, allowing players to take them down quickly if they match their element. Once they become immune, the bonus is removed completely.

The changes to shields will also bring a new modifier to Prestige Nightfalls. The returning mod Match Game will be available when these changes are implemented. For those who missed out on Destiny, Match Game causes all unmatched shield damage to only deal 10 percent, forcing your squad to take a varied arsenal.

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