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Latest PUBG patch makes planning drops much easier

The famous frying pan is also getting a new skin

PUBG Corp.

The latest patch for the PC version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which will be deployed to the test server “soon” and should hit the main server in a week or so if everything goes well, brings changes to the pre-game plane ride and weapon skins.

The plane that flies you over each map moves in a straight line from its starting position until you are forcibly dumped out of the plane near the opposite edge of the map, and you had estimate which landing locations were reachable along that invisible path. The new patch will actually draw a line over the map to chart the plane’s movement, and that line will be visible even when you’re in the waiting lobby.

This means you can begin to discuss your drop locations and plan the round from the moment you’re in the lobby right up until the moment you hit the ground. An image of what this new visualization will look like can be seen below:

So nice
PUBG Corp.

This isn’t the only change to the game, as you will also be able to spectate custom games in real-time, and passwords can be added to private games to control who can and can’t spectate.

A new premium crate of weapons skins will be added alongside the rest of this content, with a 25 percent chance for that crate to drop as the weekly random crate. The rarest item that can be earned in the new Equinox Crate is the Shark Bite skin for the Kar98K, which will be in 0.16 percent of the crates.

The full item list from the Equinox Crate, with your chances of getting each crate as the weekly random crate, can be seen below:

PUBG Corp.

The last interesting wrinkle added to PUBG is the skin for the frying pan, called “Target Price,” can be purchased by itself for 5,000 battle points once per account. It’s nice to have such a snazzy item not limited by pure chance.

The rest of the patch notes can be found on Steam.

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