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5 things to know about Monster Hunter: World’s new patch

A new monster and new quality of life changes

A Palico wearing the Kulve Taroth Set α in Monster Hunter: World
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Monster Hunter: World’s second free update is here. Only a few weeks after the return of the infamous Deviljho, a brand new monster has invaded the world: Kulve Taroth. But this beast will need a full lobby of players to take it down.

A new monster isn’t the only cool thing in this patch (version 3.00 of the game). We have new armor as well as a new map. Random rolls for weapons are also available through the special Kulve Taroth siege. Finally, a few much-needed quality of life changes have been added to the game.

1. Kulve Taroth is the newest elder dragon, complete with new armor

Kulve Taroth is a brand-new monster to the Monster Hunter franchise, and she’s a big one. The hunt for Kulve is a new type of quest called a siege. All players in a single lobby of Monster Hunter: World will be able to work together to take this beast down. While you still only pair off into hunts of four players, your progress will be lobby-wide. Keep going at the beast until one team breaks off its two front horns, thus completing the quest.

Completing the quest will net rewards for everyone who contributed. This, of course, includes materials to build new armor. The armor itself is very fancy and includes all sorts of gold pieces. Speaking of gold, Kulve Taroth also has its own unique den covered in the stuff, meaning that you’ll have a new area specifically tailored to this beast. From the armor to the fight itself, everything is new with Kulve.

Kulve Taroth will be around until May 3, but will be back at a later date. You must be at least Hunter Rank 16 to participate in the siege.


2. A brand-new weapon system is reminiscent of random rolls

Whenever you defeat Kulve, you’ll get an inventory full of rewards. Some of those rewards can be new Kulve-themed weapons that are appraised in the rewards screen. But these are not the same kind of tools you can craft at the workshop. These are strange hybrids consisting of new golden blades and existing materials.

For example, you may open up a new weapon to find that it has the base of a Great Jagrus sword and shield but the shiny, golden blade of Kulve. There are tons of different combinations of affinity, damage and element type. The more you farm, the more combinations you’ll find. This is also a great option if you’ve been looking to get into a new weapon type but haven’t gotten around to crafting a high rarity one yet.

3. Investigation sorting lets you hunt the monsters you want with ease

Investigations are awesome in Monster Hunter: World and perfect when you’re just looking to farm a specific beast. But, they can pile up pretty damn fast and become impossible to manage if you aren’t paying attention. Thankfully, Capcom has added a sorting feature to Investigations. You can now sort for all kinds of things, including Quest Rank, Reward Money and even Target (the monster you want to hunt). This isn’t the most exciting new feature on paper, but it’s very welcome.


4. Sell your trade-in items in bulk

Similar to the Investigation sorting, selling items in bulk isn’t game changing, but it’s definitely helpful. If you’ve farmed for cash by using the Bandit Mantle or by buying trade-in items for the ship, you’re probably sick of sorting your materials and selling everything manually. In the new update, you can click on the Sell Items tab on your chest and be able to sell all trade-in items at once. Now you can spend less time managing your inventory and more time hunting monsters.

5. Flash pods have been heavily nerfed against tempered monsters

If you’ve ever farmed tempered elder dragons with an experienced group before, you’ve almost certainly flash-spammed a monster by blinding it every time it leaps into the sky. Well, this new update is reducing the effectiveness of that particular strategy.

Now, whenever you flash a tempered monster with a flash pod, it’ll start building up immunity. Eventually, the flash will stop working altogether. The goal is to make these fights as difficult as possible by taking away a spammable strategy that simplifies the fight. To compensate for this, the team at Capcom has also bumped up the rewards for Tempered hunts.