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Magic: The Gathering Arena is getting Dominaria cards and Draft events soon

One of Magic’s most popular modes is coming to Arena

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Aleksi Briclot/Wizards of the Coast
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Magic: The Gathering Arena, the new digital version of the popular card game, will be getting its first new expansion pack and a few new modes in the coming weeks, the game’s developers announced this week.

The first large-scale addition to Arena will come on April 26 when developer Wizards of the Coast will add Dominaria, the newest expansion for the physical Magic: The Gathering card game. This release lines up almost perfectly with Dominaria’s April 27 physical release date, answering the question of whether or not Arena will get the same new expansions that other Magic players enjoy.

Also included in the announcement were the first details of the new event modes, which will also be coming to Magic: The Gathering Arena in at the end of April. The first mode, best of one Constructed, will be coming to the game in the April 26 Dominaria update and will be available permanently. MTG Arena will also be getting its own version of MTG’s immensely popular Draft events starting on May 4. While Wizards of the Coast have yet to announce the specifics of Arena’s Draft mode, it’s likely to follow the traditional Booster Draft format, where players create new decks by rotating card packs and take turns picking one card at a time, that Magic players have been using for years.

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