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Capcom’s shutting down the Puzzle Fighter game it just launched

The dev team is turning its attention to the next Dead Rising

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Puzzle Fighter
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Capcom’s attempt to revitalize the Puzzle Fighter series as a free-to-play mobile game hasn’t been a resounding success, apparently. The publisher announced today that Puzzle Fighter for Android and iOS will shut down permanently on July 31.

Puzzle Fighter officially launched worldwide in late November — meaning the game has been live for roughly five months. Capcom said it will pull the game from app stores on July 1, with the game’s servers shutting down at the end of that month. Capcom will end in-app purchases on Monday, April 23.

For existing players, Capcom’s handing out 10,000 in-game gem currency and making characters Regina from Dino Crisis, Dr. Wily from Mega Man and Ada Wong from Resident Evil available for free. The company is also dropped Puzzle Fighter’s soundtrack on Soundcloud.

Capcom Vancouver, the developer of Puzzle Fighter, is moving on from the mobile game to dedicate its focus to the Dead Rising franchise, according to a post on Capcom Unity. Capcom has not officially announced a new Dead Rising game, but a report from Kotaku earlier this year indicated the studio was working on a sequel. The developer’s most recent entry, Dead Rising 4, was released in 2016.

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