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Westworld showrunner confirms host robots poop

Robots! They’re just like us!

Westworld 202 - Dolores in modern white dress John P. Johnson/HBO

Westworld’s hosts are peculiar creatures. Hosts are artificially intelligent, but incredibly human-like. In fact, the hosts are so similar to humans that people have questioned whether they deal with biological needs. Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy answered a couple of those questions in a new interview, settling rumors once and for all.

For example, hosts can poop. Joy told Entertainment Weekly:

The hosts are basically organic. It’s cheaper that way to print them out. They eat, they sleep, they have sex, they can poop. It’s really like a human body with the one difference being where we have a brain, they have a CPU. There’s a lot of potential for them. If you had a part of your brain that was a computer, self improvement would be a lot easier. The season will be exploring the intersection of where and how they’re human and some of the ways they can manipulate their own programming.

Basically, hosts get to enjoy the best parts of being human like eating and having sex without dealing with the downsides — like general emotions and heartbreak. This revelation, however, does lead to some rather grotesque questions that can’t be avoided. Do hosts produce a foul odor? How hygienic are the hosts? What is their shower routine like? Do they use employee-only restrooms when they do need to go?

Hopefully, Westworld’s second season will address all of these newfound concerns. It returns to HBO on April 22 at 9 p.m. ET.

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