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Sanrio’s death metal red panda Aggretsuko makes her full-length debut on Netflix

The 10-episode series is available to stream now

Sanrio’s most relatable character, Retsuko, has made her way to Netflix in her series Aggretsuko starting today.

Retsuko is a cute red panda who also is an office worker. She experiences relatable problems during the day, whether it’s her coworker who talks way too much about her child or her boss that gives her too much work to do. However, Retsuko is called Aggretsuko for a reason: She often snaps, leading to silly sequences of screaming death metal songs to relieve her stress. She even takes to karaoke joints to sing out her frustration.

Retsuko’s daily issues are too real to anyone in the work force, making this adorable red panda the most relatable Sanrio character we’ve ever seen. (Sorry, Hello Kitty.)

Aggretsuko originally aired as two-minute TV shorts starting in 2016 in Japan, though it never officially made its way to the West before now. The series is now available to watch in Japanese, English, Cantonese, French and Spanish.

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