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God of War update makes the game’s tiny text easier to read

Well, some of it

God of War - Kratos with glasses photoshopped onto his face SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon
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Sony’s new God of War is an excellent action-adventure game, but it’s not without its minor issues — namely that the PlayStation 4 game’s tiny, tiny text can sometimes be difficult to read. Thankfully, an update released this weekend addresses that, to a degree.

In God of War’s settings, the Accessibility section now includes the option to increase the HUD’s text size. The option stresses that the increase in font size is selective; not every instance of tiny text is affected by the setting.

Here are a few examples of where God of War’s wee text gets a boost:

The resources tab in God of War is now easier on the eyes
Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment
Progress on the map is also easier to read
Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment
God of War’s goals tab is now zoomed in
Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

But as you can see in the image sliders below, only certain portions of the game’s menus and interface benefit from the new option.

No change to the weapons tab, however
Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment
You can still enjoy squinting at Kratos’ armor descriptions

Hopefully, developer Santa Monica Studio will continue to work on the option and extend the increased font size to other portions of God of War’s beautiful but dense interface.

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