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Nintendo Labo’s keyboard already pumping out sweet covers

Nintendo Labo’s cardboard keyboard is wonderful

Samit Sarkar/Polygon

Nintendo Labo is both an amazing amount of fun and just plain amazing, as we’ve seen several times over already. It’s no surprise to us, then, that owners are showing off what these cardboard toys are capable of — and the Labo keyboard in particular, which has now become the coolest way to play your favorite songs.

There’s a whole bunch of very good Labo keyboard covers online, ranging from Kanye West to Kingdom Hearts and beyond. Here’s a little playlist for ya, courtesy of YouTube and Twitter.

First, I have to do my due diligence and show off this great take on the Mii Maker music, which comes from Polygon’s own Brian David Gilbert:

You may have seen this one already, as it comes from our friends over at The Verge. This is a wonderful explainer on how the Toy-Con piano works, and the rendition of “Rainbow Connection” at the end rules:

I’m obviously into this wonderfully creepy take on the “Lavender Town” theme from Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue. It comes from Lane Tiziu Porter on Twitter, who shared a thirty-second teaser:

“Billie Jean” is probably the best Michael Jackson song ever. “Billie Jean” on Nintendo Labo is probably the best Michael Jackson cover ever. This one again comes from Lane Tiziu Porter, who I’d recommend paying attention to for more Labo piano hits.

Neon Genesis Evangelion fans will appreciate this cover, which took a quick second to catch. It’s the beginning of “Cruel Angel’s Thesis,” the earworm of an opening to the classic anime. More, please, Katie Rose.

“Dearly Beloved” from Kingdom Hearts sounds a lot less sad when cats are singing it. (The Nintendo Labo keyboard can be reprogrammed to make non-traditional piano sounds — one of the coolest features of this complex toy.)

There’s nothing wrong with going the classical route with the Labo keyboard, of course. Here’s Mozart’s “Turkish March”:

And this is Bach’s “Minuet in G,” which uses an iPad instead of a Switch tablet as its main screen:

I’ve got one more for you, and let me apologize in advance. But of course someone had to cover Smash Mouth’s “All Star” ASAP, so here it is:

Keep an eye out for more amazing covers, and don’t hesitate to send them Polygon’s way.

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