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Destiny 2: Warmind teaser shows a glimpse of Bungie’s return to Mars

Expansion two Twitch reveal happens Tuesday, April 24

Bungie will show off the next expansion for Destiny 2, Warmind, on Tuesday, April 24, in a livestream on Twitch. A brief teaser for this week’s reveal offers a taste of what to expect: plenty of Hive to kill on the planet Mars, a location not currently available in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Warmind’s 32-second teaser, above, promises that the reveal will touch on three components of the game’s second expansion: Mars Hellas Basin, a new Martian location that Guardians can explore; the Hive Escalation Protocol, which appears to be a wave-based battle against large numbers of Hive enemies; and the upgraded exotic weapons and other updates coming to Destiny 2’s competitive multiplayer mode, Crucible.

Bungie has already talked about other changes coming to Destiny 2 alongside Warmind, including changes to power levels and how long it will take players to max out their Guardian’s power.

Based on Bungie’s teaser, it appears the developer is taking a different, more direct approach to how it reveals Warmind compared to Curse of Osiris, Destiny 2’s first expansion. When Bungie started detailing Curse of Osiris late last year, the developer originally planned to do so over three separate livestreams. The studio ultimately canceled its third and final Curse of Osiris livestream amid rising tensions within the community. Warmind’s reveal appears to be confined to a single stream.

Bungie’s livestream for Destiny 2: Warmind will air at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET on Twitch. The expansion is scheduled to be released on May 8.

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