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Venom’s first real trailer ushers in a monster


The first trailer for Sony’s Tom Hardy-starring Venom is here.

Sony debuted the trailer at CinemaCon in Las Vegas today, sharing the footage with theater managers, press and industry insiders. This marks just the second look at footage from the film, following an earlier teaser Sony released in February. That teaser was criticized for not showing Venom at all, which many fans and critics found strange and a little against the point.

Venom is the second movie in Sony’s new Spider-Man universe, but Tom Holland, who played the web-slinging hero in Spider-Man: Homecoming last year, will not don the Spider-Man suit. None of the characters used in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies (think Iron Man or Captain America) will make an appearance in the film, either. And despite Marvel Entertainment and Sony sharing the rights to Spider-Man, don’t expect Venom to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe anytime soon.

Venom will be released on Oct. 5.