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Play Detroit: Become Human’s tense opening mission in its demo

Demo hits PS4 tomorrow

Detroit: Become Human - the deviant android taken out by cops
A scene from one possible ending of “The Hostage”: a police sniper takes out the deviant android Daniel.
Quantic Dream/Sony Interactive Entertainment
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Detroit: Become Human is getting a free demo on PlayStation 4 tomorrow, April 24, publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment announced today.

The demo consists of “The Hostage,” the first mission of the game. Connor, an android that is programmed to hunt down “deviant” androids, must save the life of a girl who has been taken hostage by one of these rogue robots. The android has already killed the girl’s father, and is holding her at gunpoint on the edge of the building’s roof, 70 stories above the streets of downtown Detroit. It’s up to you, as Connor, to explore the apartment for clues and figure out the best approach to resolve the situation.

Quantic Dream/Sony Interactive Entertainment

If this mission sounds familiar, it’s because Detroit developer Quantic Dream showed it off in a trailer during Sony’s E3 2016 press briefing. We played a near-final version of the game for about three hours last week, and it appeared that “The Hostage” made it through mostly unchanged from that 2-year-old trailer.

It might only take 10-15 minutes to complete the sequence once, but a feature in Detroit that’s new to Quantic Dream’s games — a flowchart that displays every possible decision and outcome — puts the focus on replaying missions to see all the story paths.

The Detroit demo, which is already available in Australia and New Zealand, weighs in at 2.92 GB. Unlike the game’s poorly received box art, which features half the face of the caretaker android Markus (Jesse Williams), the artwork for the demo focuses on half the face of Connor (Bryan Dechart).

Detroit: Become Human, Quantic Dream’s fifth game and its first since 2013’s Beyond: Two Souls, is set to be released May 25 exclusively on PS4. For much more, check out our in-depth pre-review, which is based on the game’s first three hours and an interview with director David Cage.

Update (April 24): The free Detroit: Become Human demo is now live worldwide on the PlayStation Store.