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Hearthstone’s new PvE dungeon crawl starts April 26

Enter the Witchwood with four new heroes

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The first expansion in Hearthstone’s Year of the Raven, The Witchwood, launched earlier this month. Since then, players have been waiting eagerly to enter The Witchwood itself in Monster Hunt, a brand-new PvE mode.

That wait is coming to a close; Blizzard announced Hearthstone’s new mode will be released Thursday, April 26.

Monster Hunt is Hearthstone’s second foray into semi-random PvE dungeon crawls. Last year, during the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion, players could roll through a somewhat randomized dungeon, building a deck as they went along. The Witchwood brings some of those ideas back. However, players are now able to choose from four unique heroes for their journey, rather than the default hero classes.

Players will face down eight bosses, each more challenging than the last, as they claw their way through the forest. Each of the four new heroes has their own power and unique cards. After each encounter, players will be able to select deck-augmenting loot and card packs to increase their likelihood of success.

This mode will be free to all Hearthstone players and doesn’t include any advantages for owning The Witchwood card packs. More details about Monster Hunt are in Blizzard’s Hearthside Chat video above.

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