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May’s PlayStation Plus games include Beyond: Two Souls, Rayman Legends

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It’s double the David Cage in May

Beyond: Two Souls
Quantic Dream

PlayStation Plus subscribers will get two big games as part of their membership next month: Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls and Ubisoft’s Rayman Legends lead the lineup of free PS Plus games in May.

The PlayStation 4 versions of Beyond: Two Souls and Rayman Legends will be offered to PS Plus subscribers in May, though both games were originally released on PlayStation 3 in 2013. Beyond: Two Souls, which stars Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, will give PS4 owners a refresher on the cinematic adventure work of developer Quantic Dream. The studio’s next game, Detroit: Become Human, is also due out in May.

On PS3, PS Plus members will get access to Piranha Bytes’ action-RPG Risen 3: Titan Lords and Fuzzy Logic’s action game Eat Them! in May. On PlayStation Vita, PS Plus members get physics puzzle game King Oddball (which is Cross Buy-compatible on PS3 and PS4) and puzzle game Furmins.

PlayStation Plus subscribers currently have access to Mad Max and Trackmania Turbo as part of their subscriptions.

Update (May 1): The PlayStation Plus free game lineup for May 2018 is now live. You can download this month’s selections from the PlayStation Store via the links below.