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Destiny 2 players are convinced Sleeper Simulant is returning with Warmind

Two prominent Destiny YouTubers are adding fuel to the Golden Age fire

Destiny 2: Warmind - story screenshots
A scene from the Destiny 2: Warmind campaign.
Bungie, Vicarious Visions/Activision

While Destiny 2: Warmind is certainly going to feature the expansion standards like new campaign missions, new strikes, and a new raid lair, players are always looking for new loot. We already have a good idea of the exotics coming to Warmind, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t secrets hiding beneath the surface.

One such secret that players are chasing is the return of Sleeper Simulant, an exotic fusion rifle from Destiny’s Taken King expansion. Before Destiny 2, fusion rifles were secondary weapons. But even back in Destiny, Sleeper Simulant went in the power weapon slot and shot a single beam with extreme range and very high damage. It was frequently used for raid encounters, and is a fan-favorite weapon.

Thanks to some Warmind screenshots that Bungie released yesterday, Destiny players and YouTubers are convinced that Sleeper Simulant will return in the new expansion. And that’s all thanks to this specific image found at the PlayStation Store:


The Titan in the foreground is holding what appears to be Ana Bray’s weapon, with the new Warmind shotgun slung over their back. But the community’s first look at what is likely the Destiny 2 Sleeper Simulant comes from the Warlock in the background. Players speculate this is the gun for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it really looks like the Sleeper Simulant. If you take a look at the exotic from the original Destiny, it has the same four plates on the top as this one, as well as a pointed barrel:

Destiny - Sleeper Simulant
The Sleeper Simulant as it appeared in Destiny.

However, the most significant piece of evidence is actually the blue light emanating from the barrel. In Destiny 2, power weapons give off a unique color of light, depending on their type. This serves as a warning to other players, letting them know if an enemy has a power weapon equipped or not. Linear fusion rifles — fusion rifles that fire in a straight line — are new to Destiny 2 and comprise their own subweapon class in the fusion rifle family. In the Crucible, linear fusion rifles give off a blue light to indicate they’ve been equipped. The gun in the background of this shot is giving off that same color light.

Now that the Sleeper Simulant archetype of fusion rifle exists as its own weapon type, its seems likely that it would be considered a linear fusion rifle in Destiny 2. This of course means that using Sleeper in the Crucible would give off a blue light. When you put two and two together, it looks like Sleeper Simulant is returning as a secret exotic in the Warmind expansion. Prominent Destiny YouTubers Unknown Player and xHoundishx released videos last night making this exact argument.

With the player base now convinced that the fan-favorite weapon is returning, all that’s left to do is wait for Warmind to launch on May 8 to see if they’re right.

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