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Nintendo’s next mobile game is an original RPG

Dragalia Lost comes from studio Cygames

Nintendo’s next project for smartphones is Dragalia Lost, a role-playing game developed with its new partner Cygames.

Out this summer in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, Dragalia Lost looks to be more story-focused than any of Nintendo’s previous mobile titles. The game’s website and trailer, above, are only in Japanese for now, but from what we can tell, there are some warriors and magical creatures going after dragons and crystals and other magical creatures. Standard fantasy RPG fare, in other words.

That’s due in large part to Nintendo’s collaborator Cygames, a studio whose other credits include Japanese mobile hit Granblue Fantasy. Nintendo is smart to shack up with a company like Cygames that’s found continued success with mobile RPGs. Nintendo seems to think so, at least: It’s even acquiring 5 percent of the mobile studio’s stock, according to the company’s latest financial results briefing.

Pre-registration is open to iOS and Android users in the aforementioned territories now, while Western players can expect the game to launch later this year. For something more recognizably Nintendo-related, Mario Kart Tour is still in the works, with an expected launch by the end of the current fiscal year in March 2019.

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