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You probably missed Avengers: Infinity War’s weirdest Easter egg

You may not have realized this was there until the end credits

Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR..L to R: Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) and Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel) Marvel Studios/Disney

Avengers: Infinity War is packed to the gills with characters — which comes as no surprise to anyone who’s been watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe grow over the last 10 years.

You’ll have to go see the film if you want to know which superheroes show up in Infinity War, because we’re not about to spoil that for you. But as we discovered during our screening of the film, going into Infinity War blind may not ensure that you’ll catch every character the first time around.

[Below is the lightest Avengers: Infinity War spoiler ever. Promise. But here’s your spoiler warning, for safety.]

At the tail-end of the film’s credits (just before the post-credits scene), there’s a bunch of the usual courtesy legalese. Y’know, “Coca-Cola appears courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company;” that sort of thing.

Here’s (a paraphrase of) the one that surprised us: “Character from Arrested Development appears courtesy of 20th Century Fox.”

GOAT-status comedy classic Arrested Development has almost nothing in common with Avengers, unless we can call Michael Bluth some kind of superhero for putting up with his dysfunctional family. So why would a character from the show be in the movie, and which one was it?

It’s because Infinity War co-directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo worked on Arrested Development in the early part of their careers. They’ve paid homage to their old gig before; Captain America: Civil War memorably included a Bluth family stair car in the background of one fight scene.

This time, “Tobias Funke” appears, covered in blue paint and wearing cutoffs. Or, someone who looks a lot like like him is seen as an exhibit in the Collector’s museum when the Guardians of the Galaxy stop by. Leaked footage actually went online back in November, when fans first picked up on the obvious Easter egg.

For the uninitiated, Arrested Development’s second season has a storyline in which Tobias realizes that the Blue Man Group is his dream job. As a self-proclaimed “never nude” and extremely dedicated method actor, Tobias paints his body blue in the hopes of piquing the Group’s interest ... but keeps his cutoffs on to protect his manhood. (It’s from a very good episode that you should watch immediately, please and thanks.)

The tweet below is the best image thus far of the film’s Tobias look-alike. Now when you watch Infinity War again, keep an eye out for the aspiring Blue Man Group-er.