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These Sonic Mania shorts need to be a full animated series

Sonic Mania Adventures is beautiful, and we need more

Sonic the Hedgehog has starred in several cartoons over the years, from the ... fine to the not-very-good. In the hands of artist Tyson Hesse, though, Sega’s most famous character finally gets the animated spot he deserves. The first part of Sonic Mania Adventures proves that, and it only took three minutes to do so.

“Sonic Returns” is the beginning of what will be a five-episode arc set in Sonic Mania’s remixed universe, following the events of both that game and last year’s Sonic Forces. Hesse is the artist behind the game’s beautiful opening animation, so he’s the right guy to reintroduce the game’s setting. And although Hesse predominantly works in Western comics, he has a knack for making Sonic look more anime than he did in his actual anime.

Say what you want about Sonic the Hedgehog — as long as I’m not around to hear anything negative, you monsters — but Sonic Mania Adventures is an adorable and well-deserved spotlight for the character. No offense to Sonic’s most recent TV show, Sonic Boom, but I’d take half-hour episodes of Hesse’s cartoon over that one in a heartbeat.