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Chrono Trigger’s PC port is getting the original SNES graphics back

Square Enix says that three patches are coming to fix the Steam version’s problems

Square Enix
Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Chrono Trigger’s surprise release on Steam in February was great news for fans of the classic role-playing game, right up until the point they saw what Square Enix had actually released. The Windows PC version of Chrono Trigger wasn’t a faithful recreation of the SNES original, but a poorly received port of one of the company’s mobile releases.

Fans complained that the game’s graphics and UI were ugly and carelessly brought over from the Android/iOS Chrono Trigger. Modders stepped in to fix the game themselves in an attempt to restore the game.

Now, Square Enix says it will address Chrono Trigger’s PC port in-house with a trio of patches.

“We have been working on addressing the issues that you’ve raised, and will be releasing a number of patches over the coming months as we continue to support Chrono Trigger on Steam,” Square Enix said in an update posted to Steam.

Chrono Trigger’s first patch is expected “in the first half of April.” That patch will include the option to switch between Chrono Trigger’s existing graphics and “the original graphical style of Chrono Trigger.”

“We’ll post a full list of changes here when the first patch is released. For now, be assured that we’re working very hard on adjusting, updating and supporting Chrono Trigger on Steam,” Square Enix said.