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How to make your own Thanos gauntlet from Avengers: Infinity War for $25

It may not look exactly like Thanos’ gauntlet

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Marvel Studios

Most of the costumes worn in Avengers: Infinity War are pretty expensive and tricky to make, but Thanos’ glove is a perfect craft for people of all art skills.

It only requires a few materials: a yellow rubber kitchen glove, some fake colorful gemstones, a hot glue gun and some glue sticks for said gun.

Although this craft is appropriate for people of all ages, the hot glue gun can burn your skin if it’s not handled properly. Parents might want to do this next step for their kids to avoid any kind of injury.

Look, this glove isn’t going to win you any cosplay competitions or even make you look remotely cool. It’s not going to light up or make sounds. This is for the people who wait until Oct. 30 to plan their Halloween costume and rely on Amazon’s 24-hour delivery service and a half-baked idea to get the job done. That’s who we’re here for. Some may call this concept a joke; I like to think of it as an inexpensive way to get a few timely laughs.

Here are the brief steps you’ll need to complete your project:

Step 1: Wash the glove

You don’t want to wear a glove that could be contaminated with who-knows-what. After picking up a yellow glove from your local grocery or hardware store, be sure to wash it with some soap.

This way, if you wear the glove in public — like to your friend’s Marvel movie marathon — you can eat popcorn and not have to worry about getting sick.

You can buy the perfect, durable yellow glove from Amazon for just over $11.

Step 2: Heat up the hot glue gun

You’re going to want to put the glue gun on a surface area that won’t get too hot, like a hardwood floor or ceramic countertop. Don’t leave it on a carpet. Art is supposed to be fun, and household incidents are certainly not fun.

Give the gun about 10 minutes to heat up. That way, you’re not left with unusable glue sticks.

A hot glue gun with 50 glue sticks will set you back just over $12 at Amazon.

Step 3: Glue the gems to the glove

Before gluing your “Infinity Stones” to the glove, make sure you have the order precisely right. Make a mistake, and you’ll be forced to deal with removing a stone from the wrong knuckle and possibly tearing a hole in the glove.

Gems from Etsy seller, Board Game Modder.

Here’s how the gemstones should be laid out on the glove:

  • The Power Stone (purple) goes above the pinky.
  • The Reality Stone (red) goes above the ring finger.
  • The Space Stone (blue) goes above the middle finger.
  • The Time Stone (green) goes above the index finger.
  • The Mind Stone (orange) sits on the back of the fist.
  • The Soul Stone (yellow) sits on the back of the thumb.

Once you have the right placement correct, glue each of the gems to their correct spot. Give it about five minutes to cool down before you put it on your hand.

The gems listed above will cost you about $2 from Etsy.

If your craft went exactly as planned, it should look just as stunning as Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi’s below:

Of course, if this is too low-key for serious Avengers fans, there’s always eBay. But whereas our design will cost you $25, this admittedly way cooler glove will set you back $170.

Avengers: Infinity War is now playing in theaters.