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Indie dev encourages streams — as long as you’re nice

Setting the tone from the top

Team Gotham

Solo looks like a charming single-player puzzle game for the PC, and the game’s creators would love for you to buy and stream it. Their only request is that you try to be nice when you do.

“Yes, you can!” the game’s official site states as a response to the question of whether streams of the game can be monetized. “We’d love to see you all playing Solo and sharing your experiences with other people. Just be sure to be respectful and do not use hateful terms during your stream.”

Smaller games like this have much to gain from public, promoted streams — making the game friendly to anyone who wanted to share their time with it was probably an easy decision — but that’s just about the nicest limitation we’ve seen on these kinds of messages.

Having a game’s streaming guidance match the tone of the game itself is a nice touch, especially with so much discussion taking place about what kinds of behavior should and shouldn’t be tolerated on platforms like Twitch.

You can watch the trailer for Solo below.

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