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Breath of the Wild’s Prince Sidon is somehow cuter as a baby

Did you know that baby fish are called “fry?” This seems ominous

Prince Sidon, as a child, in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions’ Ballad DLC. Nintendo

Polygon has reported before on the marked effect that the Zora characters of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have had on the game’s fandom. Prince Sidon and the Zora Champion Princess Ruta have captured the hearts of fans.

But recently I discovered another side of the charismatic and sensual Prince Sidon that I think is worth reporting on, and it’s just how dang cute he was as a little baby Zora. Look at that smile!

Prince Sidon as a child. Nintendo

He’ll be breaking hearts in just a few decades (because Zora routinely live for over a hundred years).

To be fair, you may have already had this realization months ago. Baby Prince Sidon appears in a flashback cutscene in “The Champions’ Ballad,” the second DLC pack for the game, which came out the night it was announced this past December. He escaped my notice four months, for a number of reasons — including that I didn’t get a Switch until Christmas.

But even though I was late to Breath of the Wild, the elder Sidon’s appeal had already been emphatically communicated to me by Twittter, Tumblr and ... basically any place that fans of the game post fan art and screenshots of the large, encouraging, friendly Zora prince. I couldn’t miss him anywhere I went.

And now, I want to make sure that the brief appearance of him as a baby doesn’t pass by anyone else. Because, dang. He’s freakin’ cute.

If you want to see this younger version of everybody’s favorite sexy shark-man, you’ll have to complete a bevy of challenges in the “Champions’ Ballad” quest line, particularly the Mipha’s Song sections. Fortunately, we have an extensive guide on how to do exactly that.

But if you’re more impatient, you can check out the cutscene itself below:

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