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#WiiChallenge makes the Mii Channel music a hot new dance trend

Dancing to the Mii Channel music has never looked so good

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We all love the Mii Channel music. We’ve all heard it used as the background music to a number of quality videos and memes and what have you. But never before have we seen it become the subject of its own dance challenge — until now, courtesy of the slowly trending #WiiChallenge.

The way the #WiiChallenge works, based on its seeming inventors and professional dancers Kida the Great and Jabari Timmons, is that you choreograph and film a dance routine to that classic beat. Kida tempts people to participate by arguing that “you can dance to anything” — as if the Mii Channel music hasn’t already proved itself to be jam music time and again.

Whatever. Kida and Jabari’s dance is freaking fantastic. Def the best original Mii Channel-scored video I’ve ever seen.

The #WiiChallenge is taking some time to catch on, but Instagram already has nearly 200 people using the hashtag to show off their own moves. There are some other good ones already, despite Kida kicking off the hashtag just two days ago.

Marctherulah94’s video is more in the vein of the original #WiiChallenge, although he takes it a step further and uses a park as his dance floor. How Shakespearean of him: All the world is indeed a stage, and we are just the dancers.

I find something graceful about this video from user kireandawes_, which he captioned, “If she don’t know this tune she’s too young for you bro.” Kieran, you’re right on that one.

Thatmtxdancer, a.k.a. Cody Metalix, is a self-proclaimed “kid who ‘can backflip’” — but he can also hustle to that good, good Wii Shop music.


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For those of us with two left feet and crippling self-image issues (ahem), we’ll have to rely on these confident dancers to keep this trend going on our behalf. If you’re willing and able, please, please, please send us your #WiiChallenge videos. And by us, y’all know I mean me specifically.

Correction: We all love the Wii Shop music, too. But, yes, this is the Mii Channel music. We’ve fixed that throughout.

The rest still stands: Keep them coming. I invite you to @ me.

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