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60-second killer Minit is a perfect game for speedrunning

Dying every 60 seconds makes beating Minit even more intense

minit JW, Kitty, Jukio, and Dom/Devolver Digital

Minit, a tiny adventure game out this week that challenges players to get as far as possible in one-minute chunks before killing you off, is turning out to be an amazing game to speedrun — if even just to watch, if not to try yourself.

The whole game should take around 90 minutes or so, if you’re not trying to blaze through it. (It could take longer if you’re going for collectibles or exploring every inch.) A counter at the very end almost dares players to try again to beat their time, though, with the end screen detailing the total playtime and the amount that players died throughout the game.

So it’s no surprise that there are already several players who have managed to cut that time down to as little as seven minutes. It’s fascinating, awe-inspiring and a little bit mind-boggling ... but that’s speedrunning in a nutshell.

The current world record appears to belong to user Seij, according to’s leaderboards. The player finished the game on PC in seven minutes, 24 seconds. It’s a must-watch. (Note that there are spoilers, if you’re worried about that kind of thing.)

No one has beaten Seij’s time yet, but it’ll likely happen sooner than later. Earlier that same day, Mnemosy held the record after they finished the game on PlayStation 4 in eight minutes, one second — which seemed impossible at the time.

If you’re into speedruns but don’t have hours to kill, Minit is a good choice — and an exciting new favorite of the community.