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Captain America and Bucky reunite in new Avengers: Infinity War spot

As all of Wakanda prepares for battle

Marvel isn’t letting up on marketing for Avengers: Infinity War anytime soon.

A new teaser for Infinity War centers around Wakanda, and some of its most recognizable superhero faces. Bucky Barnes, who was spotted at the end of Black Panther in a final post-credits scene, is present and finally reuniting with his former best friend, Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. Their reunion is adorable and sweet, but doesn’t detract from the reason the Captain and his Avengers friends are visiting Wakanda in the first placeThanos.

The clip also shows the Wakandan army, led by Black Panther, preparing for battle against what appears to be Thanos and his army. The entire Wakandan community can be seen standing strong amongst some of the most powerful and beloved Avengers. It’s truly going to take a team effort across a variety of countries and planets to take down Thanos once and for all.

Avengers: Infinity War will be released on April 27.

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