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GaymerX and MidBoss regroup following harassment scandal

Katie Kaitchuck steps in as head of LGBTQ-focused convention


The LGBTQ-oriented games convention GaymerX has announced a new executive director, following allegations of sexual misconduct against its founder Matt Conn.

Programs director Katie Kaitchuck steps in to replace outgoing leader Toni Rocca, who has also been the focus of allegations of inappropriate behavior. Kaitchuck will be executive director of GaymerX. Rocca will still retain her seat on the board until a replacement is found.

In addition to founding GaymerX, Conn was also head of development house MidBoss, best known for its narrative adventure 2064: Read Only Memories. As such, the two organizations have historically close ties. Conn stepped down as CEO of MidBoss following multiple allegations of worker abuse there.

Cade Peterson will serve as interim CEO of MidBoss while retaining his full time position as VP of content and community at the indie streaming channel Jump. Since Conn’s departure, Rocca has been serving as an interim CEO there. She will leave MidBoss once Peterson has fully transitioned into his new role.

In a statement, Kaitchuck said that, “while GaymerX and MidBoss have been separate entities since 2016, we will now sever all professional association with their organization entirely.”

Kaitchuck joined GaymerX in February. Her previous work includes data analysis and marketing at Ubisoft, and director of operations at Feminist Frequency. “Largely my career has been focused around three things,” she told Polygon in an email exchange. “LGBTQ interests, video games, and non-profit management. I’m excited to have a role that combines all three of my areas of expertise”

In the statement, she wrote: “I firmly believe that GaymerX needs to exist and I am passionate about our goals of celebrating and supporting LGBTQ people and culture in the world of gaming. As Executive Director, I hope to be a steward of the organization and help foster the work of the amazing community that we serve.”

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