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Logan Paul’s first Twitch stream starts with obscene imagery in chat, massive trolling

What else did anyone expect?

Logan Paul playing Fortnite.

The notorious YouTuber Logan Paul is currently streaming his first Fortnite match on Twitch, but it only took a few minutes for his chat to become overrun by trolls.

Paul started streaming around 5:10 p.m. ET, and was immediately met with obscene messages in his chat. Drawings made to look like male genitalia spammed the chat within minutes, causing his team to mute Paul’s microphone and take care of the obscene imagery.

“There are so many dicks,” one of his producers said on stream.

“We got spammed so fast,” another said.

Earlier on stream, Paul said he was going to alter the rules around his chat to only allow subscribers to comment. This was to promote a more positive chat space, Paul said. It’s also very likely that Paul wants to build up his subscriber base on Twitch — using his YouTube community — to build revenue off the platform.

“Eventually when I’m an affiliate, the chat is going to be sub only because it gets crazy,” Paul said.

It’s no surprise that Paul was met with trolling so quickly. The Twitch community was divided when Paul first announced he was heading to the streaming platform. His brother, Jake Paul, recently caused his own Twitch controversy after jumping on a Fortnite stream with Summit1G, one of the most popular Twitch streamers, re-igniting the debate over “normies” invading Twitch because of Fortnite.

Paul’s channel seems to have been raided by fans of other popular streamers on Twitch known for their committed communities’ antics, like Greekgodx and Forsen. Despite the trolling, Paul reiterated at the beginning of his stream multiple times he wanted to foster a positive community.

“I encourage a healthy chat,” Paul said. “I want to have a positive experience and I want us to have fun.”

Paul, like so many other YouTubers, joined Twitch to stream Fortnite, jumping on the bandwagon of the game’s success. Other streamers like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins are making around $500,000 a month from streaming Fortnite, according to Blevins.

Paul became the subject of global criticism after he uploaded a video to YouTube that featured the body of a man who committed suicide. His YouTube Red series were put on hold and he lost his place in Google Preferred as a result. Paul took three weeks away from YouTube, and returned to even more criticism after continuing with his disturbing antics, including tasing a dead rat.

Paul peaked at 200,000 concurrent viewers at the time of this writing.

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