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Nintendo’s new charging stand solves Switch design challenge

Good news, Labo owners!

Nintendo’s new adjustable charging stand for the Switch

Nintendo is finally addressing one of the Switch’s core deficiencies, one heretofore served by third-party peripheral makers and DIY solutions: On July 13, Nintendo will release a “new adjustable charging stand for the Nintendo Switch” for $19.99, according to a press release, allowing you to use the Switch in Tabletop mode and also charge the battery.

The Switch’s USB-C charging port is located on the bottom of the console which, while ideal for the console’s switching functionality in coordination with the regular TV mode dock, inhibits charging while in Tabletop mode. This new adjustable charging stand solves the problem by, simply, remapping that port to the side of the stand, thereby “enabling longer play sessions.” Anyone who’s labored to produce some of the Labo Variety Kit’s more complicated projects within the time constraints imposed by the Switch’s battery life understands the need for this product.

Alas, like the peripheral’s awkward naming suggests, this dock is for charging and not for, say, HDMI outputting. If you were hoping for a portable travel dock that you could also hook up to a TV, this isn’t it. But considering the price, that’s a reasonable omission. We’ve reached out to Nintendo to see if the adjustable charging stand comes with its own AC adapter, or if you’ll have to unplug the one behind your television.

The retail packaging for the adjustable charging stand clearly show the AC adapter port on the side.

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