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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate brings series to Switch

US fans get their first Mon Hun on Switch

Capcom will release a Monster Hunter game on Nintendo Switch this summer, the first entry in the franchise to come to the console in the West. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, which updates the 2016 Nintendo 3DS release for Switch, launches Aug. 28.

In Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, players will have the chance to work together with up to three other players over local and online multiplayer simultaneously. They’ll also be able to transfer over their save data from the original Monster Hunter Generations.

Otherwise, expect the same gameplay that hardcore fans have come to appreciate from the Monster Hunter series: There are multiple quests to take part in as you hunt down specific monsters; you can use six different hunting styles in battle; and there are a ton of weapons, armor and other items to collect and try out for a custom hunting experience.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate was first released in Japan last summer as Monster Hunter Generations XX (pronounced “double-cross”). So don’t go into this expecting an experience similar to the highly successful, notably more accessible Monster Hunter: World. But if you’re already fallen for that game and want more Monster Hunter on consoles, Generations Ultimate still seems like it will be a good option.

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