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Nintendo Switch eShop’s most exciting new game has a very weird name

Immortal Redneck is all about gunning through Egypt, not heading down south

immortal redneck screenshot Crema

There are a few games that stand out in this week’s Nintendo Switch eShop update, and not because of our familiarity with them — but because they have some seriously weird names. Between Immortal Redneck, Suicide Guy and Three Fourths Home, eShop has some eye-catchingly titled new games in its library.

The most anticipated of these is Immortal Redneck, a game that plays nothing like it sounds. First released on Windows PC back in 2017, Immortal Redneck is referred to as an “old school FPS” by its developer, so expect the kind of first-person action popularized by games like Doom and Quake. There’s also procedurally generated dungeons and the fear of permanent death ... oh, and the whole thing takes place in Egypt, by the way.

None of this sounds like the kind of game that would star a redneck, let alone an immortal one. But, yep, that’s the player character in this game — a Southerner who comes back to life ready to shoot up those pyramids. From the sounds of the Steam reviews for the PC version, that redneck is a funny, charming lead; the writing helps the whole game take on a more lighthearted tone than anyone would expect, according to fans of the original release.

Now that it’s on Switch — with a nice icon and everything! — it sounds like players are excited to have another arcade-y shooter, like Immortal Redneck, available on the go.

Here’s the full list of what’s out on Switch this week:

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