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Is Destiny 2: Warmind already teasing new weapons for later expansions?

OK, computer


Destiny 2 is back with the Warmind expansion, and players are excited to see the exotic buffs that Bungie has promised. In the campaign, Mars is being taken over by stronger, frozen Hive. If you explore the planet and head to Aurora Reach, there’s a computer terminal you can consult for more information on Rasputin, the Warmind developed by Braytech — the same company that built the Sleeper Simulant. But there are two weapon names we’re not familiar with yet: Hades Flame and Aurora Knives.

Destiny 2 Guardian interfacing with Rasputin Image: Bungie
Bungie, Vicarious Visions/Activision via Polygon

Of the total list, we only know of two so far: Sleeper Simulant, an exotic linear fusion rifle, and Valkyrie, a “relic.” The latter first appears at the end of Warmind’s opening story mission, and can then be spotted around Mars. A red, translucent web hovers over pads on the ground where “Subroutine Valkyrie” can be activated. Once you do so, it takes the form of a javelin that can be thrown at enemies, creating a massive explosion. It’s somewhat similar to the Arcstrider Hunter subclass; you can also plant it in the ground for a fiery area-of-effect attack. It has infinite ammo, but its ammo counter is restricted by a time limit. Reloading is not possible.

Bungie, Vicarious Visions/Activision via Polygon

It’s hard to say whether Hades Flame or Aurora Knives will be obtainable exotic weapons like the Sleeper Simulant is. Players are already embarking on the long and arduous task that is obtaining this linear fusion rifle. It’s possible that one or both of the unknowns can take the Valkyrie or Scorch Cannon route — limited use during a mission or Public Event.

They could be rolled out during the next few months, or maybe we won’t see them at all. They’re certainly not in the Warmind campaign. Bungie could be saving them for later expansions, maybe even Destiny 3. We’ll have to keep an eye out.

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