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Stardew Valley on PS Vita lives, and it’s almost here

The Vita version is coming soon

stardew valley ps vita screenshot / artwork ConcernedApe

A PlayStation Vita version of Stardew Valley was announced months and months ago, but we’ve heard almost nothing about it since. But here’s some good news for Vita owners: Stardew Valley will be available on PS Vita May 22.

“Perhaps the most common questions [sic] I get asked is, ‘When is Stardew Valley coming to PS Vita?’” wrote creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone on the game’s blog. “Well, the time has finally come for me to answer ... “

When it’s out May 22, buyers of the Vita release will also receive a copy of the game on PlayStation 4. It works both ways; if you already have Stardew Valley on PS4, guess what? You got it on Vita now, too.

As for why the Vita version took so long, Barone didn’t say. (Publisher Chucklefish did update fans back in December that they hadn’t ditched the port, although it won’t receive the multiplayer feature.) But Vita owners can’t complain about getting one of 2016’s most acclaimed games on their beleaguered handheld, no matter how long it took — especially considering that ports of Stardew Valley for other little-loved systems, like Wii U, ended up in the cancellation pile.