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Pokémon Let’s Go! trademarks appear amid Switch game rumors

Could these be the Pokémon Switch games after all?

surprised eevee The Pokémon Company

Two Pokémon-related domain names have popped up online, giving fans increasing reason to believe that the series’ rumored Nintendo Switch games are definitely happening.

CSC Corporate Domains, the company used to register previous Pokémon websites (like the one for Pokémon Sun and Moon), has acquired URLs for both Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Pokémon Let’s Go! Eevee. As we reported yesterday, the current rumors suggest that those are the names of the two Pokémon Switch games set to launch simultaneously this year.

A French Pokémon fan site appears to be the first to catch the domain trademarks, which are publicly accessible. Each one was registered yesterday, May 15 — the day that all these supposed leaks started to pour out.

Both websites just lead to blank pages right now. That’s both convincing evidence and familiar to anyone who’s seen these early domain name leaks happen before. A key difference between these latest CSC Corporate Domains trademarks and those for Pokémon Sun and Moon’s site is that Nintendo isn’t listed as a registrant or administrative contact. At the same time, that could be a conscious decision to protect these games from being revealed ahead of schedule.

We’ve reached out to Nintendo and The Pokémon Company to confirm that it once again enlisted CSC Corporate Domains — which specifically works with companies to purchase websites on their behalf — to register these two websites. While there’s reason enough to remain suspicious of the abundant Pokémon Let’s Go! rumors, namely on the gameplay side, this latest development sure looks convincing, all right.

Update: “We have nothing to announce on this topic,” a representative for Nintendo of American told Polygon.