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Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 3 Pass isn’t working correctly on PS4

No official word yet on when things might be fixed

Rainbow Six Siege - Para Bellum art Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft
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Since the debut of Rainbow Six Siege back in 2015, the game’s season passes have always been the best way to unlock all the new content that Ubisoft brings to the game. One purchase unlocks all eight operators that are released for Siege each year, along with a whole host of extras, like skins for characters or guns — or at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. But over the last two weeks, players who have purchased the Year Three Pass on PlayStation 4 haven’t gotten most of the season pass content that should have been unlocked.

The Year Three Pass grants players access to all eight of the operators that will be released throughout 2018. It also comes with eight exclusive headgear and uniforms, meteorite Charm, 600 Rainbow Six Credits, seven days of early access to new operators, a 10 percent discount in the in-game shop, a 5 percent renown boost and a 0.3 percent Alpha Pack boost.

However, players are reporting in several posts on the official Rainbow Six Siege forums that PS4 customers have only been receiving the 600 Rainbow Six Credits when they have purchased the pass over the last two weeks. It’s unclear if this is an issue that faces every player that has bought the pass, or just a select few.

As for a solution to this issue, Ubisoft has largely been quiet. The company has yet to issue an official statement acknowledging this issue, or warning players about it. However, Ubisoft has responded to a majority of the forum posters that have experienced this issue, saying that it is working on a solution and is hoping to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Polygon has reached out to Ubisoft for comment.

So far, the Year Three Pass should be granting owners access to the two operators that have been released so far in 2018, Lion and Finka. It will soon unlock early access for the two operators that are likely to be released at the beginning of June.